HSP Summer Session

Our flagship program, the HSP Summer Session gathers students from across the country annually for a two week summer intensive. Participants get the opportunity to take accredited, graduate level courses with some of the nations top Latinx faculty in an environment that centers Latinx methods, pedagogies, and stories.

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Through Hispanic Eyes

Through Hispanic Eyes gathers non-Latinx university staff, faculty, and administrators for a three day workshop where they gain cultural competency around Latinx realities in higher education and critically examine how their institutions can better support the flourishing of Latinx students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

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The Latinx Discernment Workshop

Our three day Latinx Discernment, Calling, and Vocation workshop provides space for a small group of Latinx graduate students to critically reflect on their strengths, the needs of their communities, their goals and desires, and how these inform their next steps after graduate school.

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Pedagogy Workshop

Our Pedagogy Workshop invites HSP Summer Session faculty to a multi-day gathering where they can critically reflect on the particularities of teaching a two-week intensive graduate level course in a majority Latinx environment. Such a space empowers faculty with tools to effectively teach HSP Summer Session students while building a broader faculty network and acquiring skills they can use in their home institutions.

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The HSP Exchange

Each month, the HSP Exchange invites a Latinx thought leader to reflect on pertinent and pressing issues for the Latinx community from their area of expertise. After brief remarks from our speaker, each HSP Exchange provides space for participants to discuss in smaller groups how this topic touches upon their work and context.

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Alumni Network

The Alumni Network at the Hispanic Summer Program is a special opportunity for alumni around the country to connect with each other, support each other, and give back by investing in shaping the next generation of Latinx theological and academic leaders. The Alumni Network members will receive unique opportunities throughout the year to engage with HSP’s work and participate in special programming just for alums. Click here to get involved today!

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Our online J-Term intensive expands the curricular offerings of our Sponsoring Schools by hosting a fully accredited online course in Latinx theology, history, sociology, and/or ministry.

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El Semillero

In partnership with the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving, El Semillero gathers a cohort of practitioners to a year-long workshop on fundraising, finance, and development. Practitioners include pastors, community organizers, faculty members, as well as higher education and non-profit administrators who are actively seeking to deepen their practical skills in economics and finance in order to better serve their constituents.

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