Pedagogy Workshop

Our Pedagogy Workshop invites HSP Summer Session faculty to a multi-day gathering where they can critically reflect on the particularities of teaching a two-week intensive graduate level course in a majority Latinx environment. Such a space empowers faculty with tools to effectively teach HSP Summer Session students while building a broader faculty network and acquiring skills they can use in their home institutions.

Teaching a two-week accredited course that provides three graduate level credits to a majority Latinx student body requires a particular skill set. Although most Ph.D. programs do not offer pedagogical training for this kind of setting and institutions of theological education tend not to provide this specialization from a Latinx perspective, the HSP Pedagogy Workshop seeks to meet this need. At the Pedagogy Workshop, faculty build on their years of training by reviewing and discussing pedagogical methods for engaging different learners all while forming a community of scholars that shares resources and best practices with a focus on race and the realities of the Latinx communities their students come from and go out to serve. By the end of the Workshop, our Faculty have built a community with a wider network of teachers and scholars, constructed a syllabus that is rigorous and meets the needs of our students, and gained skills in teaching in this more intensive setting.

While the skills gained at the Pedagogy Workshop are meant to immediately serve all the students who participate in our multiple programs, faculty also bring these newly acquired skills to their host institution. As a result, the Pedagogy Workshop increases the quality of teaching, from a Latinx perspective, not just at HSP programs but in theological and higher education writ large.

In order to participate in the Pedagogy Workshop you must be scheduled to teach an HSP hosted class. All HSP faculty must be Latinx and hold a Doctorate in their area of specialization. To inquire about teaching an HSP course please contact Dr. Daisy L. Machado at dmachado@hispanicsummerprogram.org

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