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Through Hispanic Eyes gathers non-Latinx university staff, faculty, and administrators from sponsoring schools for a three day workshop where they gain cultural competency around Latinx realities in higher education and critically examine how their institutions can better support the flourishing of Latinx students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

For nearly two decades Through Hispanic Eyes has served non-Latinx higher education professionals with practical skills to address cultural diversity at an interpersonal and systemic level at their institutions. Taught each year by leading Latinx administrators and faculty members who draw on their years of experience, Through Hispanic Eyes participants are pushed to take a critical look at how and if their institution is serving the Latinx community. Year after year, participants in this three day workshop report feeling equipped to bring tangible change to their institutions.

Even before current conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion, Through Hispanic Eyes met the need of institutional leaders who sought resources and strategies for better engaging an ever changing population within their schools. Since its inception, Through Hispanic Eyes has partnered with sponsoring schools to help create institutions that welcome, retain, and mentor Latinx students, faculty, administrators, and staff with the vision of transforming theological and higher education.

Through Hispanic Eyes 2024

Program Dates and Location

  • First In-Person Session at Villanova University: June 23 (3:00 pm) – June 26 (noon), 2024
  • Second and Third Virtual Gatherings will be Scheduled During the In-Person Session

Special Note on the 35th Anniversary of the HSP (June 21 – 22, 2024)

THE participants may choose to come early to Villanova University to celebrate the HSP’s 35th Anniversary! On Friday, June 21st, we will kick off our festivities with a panel of scholars exploring Latinidad in Theological Education. This panel will launch a year-long exploration on how the diversity of Latinx peoples offers new insights and perspectives for theological education, producing resources that can be used in seminary and divinity school classrooms across the country. On Saturday, June 22nd, the festivities continue in Philadelphia on the campus of Esperanza, a non-profit that for over 30 years has been supporting the Latinx community of North Philly. Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes and an international cast will perform his play “When Wajcha Meets Pachamama” that builds on indigenous epistemologies from the Americas to explore the implications of climate catastrophe. This unique play has been accepted to the New York Theatre Festival and will be performed across the country, including at Yale Divinity School. Festivities will continue with an art exhibit, reception, banquet serving local cuisine, and a night of dancing with live music from local Philadelphia artists.

Fees may apply, but this is a celebration you won’t want to miss!

Facilitation Modality

First session is completely in person with subsequent sessions facilitated virtually.

Program Description

Through Hispanic Eyes (THE) seeks to tangibly change theological education through developing cohorts of individuals committed to pursuing practical projects at their home institutions that are in service of Latinx communities. As a result, all workshop participants will be part of a year-long cohort that begins in person. Over three days, cohort participants will engage in complex conversations about cultural competency while constructing an individualized project that can tangibly improve conditions for Latinx students and colleagues at their institutions. After the in-person component, THE Cohort members will return to their institutions to begin implementing this project before reporting back and receiving feedback from their cohort mates in two subsequent online gatherings.


Unless otherwise stated in the program description, all HSP programs are primarily facilitated in English. 


To participate in Through Hispanic Eyes you must be a non-Latinx faculty member, staff member, or administrator from one of HSP’s sponsoring schools. All those interested must be able to commit to all three sessions and must apply through the HSP website. If accepted, participants must pay all associated fees for the program by the stated deadline. Space is limited.


Thanks to the funding of our Sponsoring schools, this year long experience is heavily subsidized. The fee to participate in this year-long cohort is only $750 per participant. Payment of this fee is due after acceptance into the program.

Application Schedule 

Rolling Admissions through March 31, 2024


This year’s THE will be led by Rev. Dr. Gregory Cuéllar, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and Dr. Eduardo Fernández, S.J., Professor of Pastoral Theology and Ministry at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University. Both individuals come to Through Hispanic Eyes with a wealth of scholarly expertise and practical experience in pedagogy, cross-cultural communication, and higher education administration.

Rev. Dr. Gregory Cuéllar
Dr. Eduardo Fernández, S.J.

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