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Thank you to our sponsoring institutions for allowing us to provide 30+ Years of Doing Theology ¡latinamente!

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Benefits for Our Sponsors

The Governing Board

The Hispanic Summer Program is a non-profit, educational service, owned, governed, managed, sustained, and used by a diverse group of seminaries, universities, and departments of theology of the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Each sponsoring institution annually contributes $4,500.00 to support the HSP. In return, our sponsors enjoy all the benefits of having the HSP as their own summer course, part of their curriculum, integrated into their catalog, available to their own students, and usable in their accreditation and recruitment processes as one more sign of their commitment to diversity and multiculturalism in the very diverse world we inhabit. Sponsoring institutions also have a seat and a vote on the Governing Board.

The Board decides whether or not to admit new sponsoring institutions, appoints its own Chair and committees, names or removes the Director and Administrator, and decides on curriculum, fees, and any other matters essential to the actual life of the Hispanic Summer Program. Our sponsoring institutions—Protestant, Evangelical, and Roman Catholic—are all committed to sustaining the unique mission and vision of the HSP: Providing (firstly but not solely) Latinx graduate students in theology and related fields with the exceptional opportunity of gathering and studying with a number and variety of Latinx faculty that no single institution can make available at once – let alone change every summer – while simultaneously keeping it independent from any single denomination, region, or theological tradition.

Reduced Program Fees

Students from sponsoring institutions choose one course from among our selection of 3-credit graduate-level courses and pay only $475† to attend the program. This reduced fee covers tuition, round-trip airfare, and 13 days of room and board. Students from NON-sponsoring institutions pay a higher fee of $800 and their own airfare, though the HSP covers room and board.

Exclusive Program Opportunities

The HSP also has an exciting series for non-Latinx FACULTY, STAFF, DEANS, AND PRESIDENTS: For three full days during the HSP, up to 10 non-Latinx faculty, staff, deans, and presidents of sponsoring institutions gather for a workshop that allows them to engage the Latinx reality as they dialogue with one another and with the entire faculty and student body of that summer’s HSP – sharing meals and other activities with Latinx colleagues and the mostly Latinx student body.

Participants also get to sit in on one class as an observer to get a sense of what happens in the HSP classroom. The Through Hispanic Eyes workshop has been very popular since it was first offered in 2002 and every year the available slots fill up quickly. One faculty member who participated in T.H.E. stated, “This has been the best faculty development event I have ever attended.”

*Online only participation does not provide compensation for airfare or room and board.

Reduced program fees available for 1st and 2nd time particpants only.

Our Sponsors

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