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For over 35 years, the Hispanic Summer Program has taught over 1,800 seminarians and graduate students of religion, provided training for over 200 non-Latinx faculty and administrators, and contributed to the development of countless Latinx clergy, community organizers, and faculty in our now year-round programming. We have partnered with and significantly expanded and enriched the theological education being offered at seminaries and universities across the country with academic courses and high-level programs that directly address Latinx history, ministry, and theology. In June of 2024, we will celebrate this legacy of Latinx theological leadership formation. Join us!

Program Dates and Location

June 21 – 22, 2024
Philadelphia, PA

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 21, 2024

7:00 pm | Latinidad in the Context of Theological Education Panel
8:30 pm | Reception

Saturday, June 22, 2024

1:00 pm | Registration
2:00 pm | When Wajcha Meets Pachamama, Play by Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes
3:30 pm | Reception
5:00 pm | Banquet
7:00 pm | Live Music

What to Expect

  • The launch of the Latinidad in the Context of Theological Education Summit that seeks to produce educational materials for seminary and divinity school classrooms around Latinidad in theological education.
  • Celebrating with a historic Latinx community in North Philadelphia at the campus of Esperanza.
  • Learning from Latinx theological storytelling through the play “When Wajcha Meets Pachamama” written and directed by HSP faculty member Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes.
  • A celebratory banquet with a reception, dinner, and live music.

How You Can Support Us

Donate to the HSP 35th Anniversary Fund

By donating the HSP Anniversary Fund, you will help a Latina leader create educational materials for community groups, churches, and classrooms from a distinctly Latina perspective. You will also help the HSP grow its Quasi-Endowment so it can continue to teach and empower students, faculty, and communities.

Sponsor a Table at the HSP 35th Anniversary Banquet

On June 22nd, 2024 the HSP will gather community members, students, faculty, staff, and alumni from across the country to celebrate the HSP’s impact in and beyond theological education. Those who sponsor a table will:

  • Have up to 10 seats available to their guests who will enjoy a world class theatrical production, live music, and Latinx cuisine;
  • Support Latina leaders as they create educational materials for the next generation of theological leaders;
  • Empower the HSP to continue serving students and their communities for decades to come.

To sponsor a table, email Dr. Jorge Rodríguez at jrodriguez@hispanicsummerprogram.org

Full Table Sponsorship | 10 Seats | $6,000
Half Table Sponsorship | 5 Seats | $3,000

Advertise in the 35th Anniversary Booklet

Be part of our History! We invite you to add your voice to HSP’s 35th anniversary celebration! We are creating an 8”x5” booklet that will document the Hispanic Summer Program’s diverse, impactful, and successful history in the lives of Latinx educators, students, and collaborators. By sponsoring our booklet, you support the mission of the Hispanic Summer Program and have your organization, business, or institution featured in this part of our history.

$1,500 for a full page ad or $750 for a half page ad.

Connect with Us

Connect potential donors to the organization to make this work possible by emailing Dr. Jorge Rodriguez at jrodriguez@hispanicsummerprogram.org

Promote Us

Tell your friends and colleagues about the HSP’s 35th Anniversary!

Attend Our Events

The HSP 35th Anniversary celebration will take place June 21-22, 2024. Consider joining us in Philadelphia as space allows!

Where Your Donations Go

40% Goes to the La Colectiva Teológica Latina (LCTL)

La Colectiva Teológica Latina brings Latina ministers and scholars together to create educational materials that can be used in seminaries, divinity schools, and other educational spaces focused on training the next generation of Latina theological leaders.

60% Goes into the Quasi-Endowment

Through building a quasi-endowment the HSP seeks to deepen its impact in Latinx theological leadership formation in order to expand curricular offerings geared toward our sponsors and increase the leaders that can in return contribute to theological education at large.

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